Mr. Nasir Ramadhan

Following the principle of “give only what you can receive”, Nasir, Leader has never believed in his competition getting ahead. Following does not come naturally to him. He has always been an ideator, an originator and not an imitator. That is exactly what he considers to be his greatest strength. When he received the Award of Excellence Was Branded Game Changer Asia’s Inspirational Leader Asia World Book Of Records followed by The Award Of Appreciation & Award Of Gratitude all of which indeed speak volumes about him, he was found thanking his guardians, relatives, CEOs and the Directors along with the staff. A man, who believes that nothing is impossible and takes up challenges as a part of life, is destined to succeed in life. If one asks Nasir as to what can be expected from him in the times to come, he says, “A new era of Celebrity endorsements, entertainment and business services like none before again as can be seen delivered evidently. The point is to be in an elite league of our own says Nasir and to remain uncompetitive and unbeatable, as also to sustain against all odds.” Such profound confidence in one’s self and in one’s team is motivation like no other. Socially and professionally active, Nasir believes that interacting personally and diligently with people is an imperative to attain visionary goals in life. One must not be isolated high above in some ivory towers, away from reality, expecting others to deliver. He aims to serve all as per his track record despite the hostilities that he had to face. For, with every truth, there comes falsities, with every falsity comes prevalent truth despite the propagation by opposing forces, hence don’t give up. He continues to be the proud strength of UK & Dubai with his family and remains as an Global inspiration to all.