U19 Competition Rules HKSZ Dubai Vision 2020 in Association With The Dubai Sports Council Harbhajan India , Moin Khan Pakistan , ECB Emirates UAE.
In addition to the General Competition Rules, the following shall apply:
1. As at 1st September the previous year, all boys under the age of 19, all girls under the age of 19 and all children with learning difficulties under the age of 20 shall be eligible to play.
2. The HKSZ Academy will provide a colour ball for each match officials live broadcast, you must obtain consent from all your participants that they authorize and accept to be photographed and televised via HKSZ.TV and it’s associate broadcast/media partners.
3. The pitch shall be 21 yards in length
4. Each game shall consist of one innings per side, each innings of maximum 21 overs duration.
5. 4 bowlers can bowl a maximum of 4 overs .. 1 bowler will be allowed to bowl a maximum of 5 overs. However, the 5th over must only be bowled in the 21st over.
6. There will be no retirement or restriction on the amount of runs made by an Individual Batsman in the 19 age group.
7.  The U19 age group will be awarded 1 run for a no-ball or a wide ball in addition to any other run scored and an additional ball to the over. In the event of a no-ball a free-hit shall be awarded
8. In all matches apart from the U19’s, no fielder, except the wicket-keeper, shall be allowed to field nearer than 11 yards, measured from the middle stump, except behind the wicket on the off side.
9. The team scoring the most runs in its innings shall be the winner. In the event of the scores being equal, a Super Over shall come into play.
10. Three points shall be awarded for a win. One point shall be awarded for a defeat or where an aborted match cannot be re-arranged for a reason.
11. The top 2 teams accumulating the most points will proceed into the final.
12. The teams should adhere to the Health and Safety Regulations concerning the wearing of helmets with visors, boxes, pads and gloves etc.
13. Home team will be responsible for reporting the results to
14) Each player shall be responsible to bring along with them all the necessary equipment e.g helmet, bat, gloves, pads, box, arm guard (optional) and thigh guard (optional)