HKSZ.TV has positioned itself as a Global Brand Leader dedicated to the “ Vision’s Of Dubai Arabia”. Its online portal aims on uniting the Arab world with its art culture, brands, history and lifestyles.

HKSZ.TV along with HKSZ Group of Companies HKSZ Sports Services & HKSZ Celebrity’s Cricket Academy have Entrepreneur Nasir Ramadhan with his family and partners spear heading its management and future vision especially now for Expo 2020 Dubai through its Celebrity Sports Services which has won the hearts of many globally. Nasir Ramadhan was in 2013 listed in The Asia’s World Book of Records as A Game Changer, branded as an Inspirational Leader in the leaders World Book of records having scooped the Award Of Excellence presented by the Honourable “Chief Justice Of Dubai” amongst world Leaders and Dignitaries. His business acumen and sheer determination sustained the economic downturn, in the Dubai Market. Already Nasir Ramadhan has been accredited with awards for his contribution and vision for delivering content which not only was honest but totally transparent. His aim is to deliver positivism, honesty to a global audience via media, social networking, sports and demystify the culture rich Middle East.

HKSZ.TV is a Dubai based media portal, with expertise within the Arab Peninsula. Content is produced with the help of Media Powerhouse HKSZ entertainment & HKSZ Sports Services. ALONG WITH His Royal Highness His Excellency Dignitaries Dubai & GCC Royal Family Members all whom have “joined hands” to promote Mr Nasir’spowerful and welcomed vision of representing HKSZ.TV & HKSZ Sports Services and bringing the World Globally Together to Dubai be it for business, tourism, leisure, or other. Mr Nasirs associates include but are not limited to, HRH Sheikh Saeed Bin Mohammed Bin Khalifa Al Maktoum, HH Sheikh Yousaf Alsabah from Kuwait, HH Sheikh Ameer Alfahad Almalek Alsabah from Kuwait, HH Muhammed Bin Saeed Alhilli from the Emirates, HH Ahmed Saalem Al Swedin from the Emirates & many more from Saudi, Qatar, Muscat, Bahrain, which can also be seen via HKSZ.TV’s broadcasts.

HKSZ.TV has access to exclusive one to one visionary interviews, exclusive personal interviews with the Royal Family, Dignitaries and official never seen before, these are delivered via its online portal live as well as recorded and also are broadcasted via satellite partners globally. It aims to provide the latest in awards, achievements, events in and from the UAE and the GCC.

All promotions and programmes are focused around sports, hospitality, values, and warmth which are the cornerstone of the Arab Culture, thus backing the visions of historical leaders such as HH “THE LATE SHEIKH ZAYED BIN SULTAN AL NAHYAN” The founder of the UAE, HH SHEIKH KHALIFA BIN ZAYED AL NAHYAN from Abu Dhabi and HH SHEIKH MOHAMMED BIN RASHID AL MAKTOUM From Dubai now in Partnership with His Royal Highness Sheikh Saeed Bin Mohammed Bin Khalifa Al Maktoum a great & leading personality. All content is exclusive to HKSZ.TV.

HKSZ.TV is privately funded by HKSZ Group of Companies. All our content is exclusive and unique. Our vision is to promote the true essence of the Arab Region. HKSZ.TVhas promoted Dubai over the past years and is proud to say that Dubai will host the 2020 EXPO. This has been a great achievement.
As Nasir Ramadhan quoted during his “Asia’s World Book Of Records” Interview:

…With our unparalleled experience, we continue our journey in and with THE SUCCESS OF ARABIA, so join us and be our partners in this vision despite your colour creed race or religion ONE HUMANITY ONE VISION.. when asked what would be next ? which was recorded in “The Asia World Book Of Records”

In 2013 he announced “HKSZ Sports Celebrities & Entertainment” like never before, again which has seen to be delivered witnessed and recorded by world media on “Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Cricket” event in 2015 launching and promoting independently Expo Vision 2020 with Arab & International stars including International Celebrity Players. Mr Nasir Ramadhan was again Awarded for his vision 2020 initiatives by H.E AHMED SAALEM AL SUDAIN (President of Abu Dhabi Chamber Of Commerce) and a close friend who congratulated him for (creating a stadium and red carpet) atmosphere like none before integrating the Arab Culture thus introducing them closely to the “Cricketing World”. Mr Nasir Ramadhan continues to lead the way and create a sports league with inventions again in association with His Royal Highness’s from Dubai, GCC, Ally’s & close Government Affiliates overall.